July 28 is World Hepatitis Day

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world hepatitis day

Hepatitis simply means inflammation of the liver and can be caused by a wide range of things. One of the most common causes of chronic (long-term) hepatitis is viral infection.

Hepatitis B and C are two such viruses, and together they kill approximately one million people a year. 500 million people around the world are currently infected with chronic Hep B or C and one in three people have been exposed to one or both viruses. Unlike Hep C, Hep B can be prevented through effective vaccination

Symptoms of hepatitis

Image by sambeckwith @ Flickr

Image by sambeckwith @ Flickr

The symptoms of any of these conditions seem to be similar so blood tests are necessary to specifically identify the source. Common symptoms include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, weight loss, jaundice appearance and/or itchy skin.

Hepatitis A is the most common of the infections but is a mild infection that may come and go without even being detected as the body’s immune system protects itself, and it has no lasting or chronic effect.

Hepatitis B and C are more invasive and both can develop into chronic hepatitis and affect a person for a lifetime. As mentioned Hepatitis C is the most common chronic condition affecting 3 or 4 times as many people as Hepatitis B.

How is it spread?

Hepatitis is a blood disorder and is not passed to others through casual contact such as hugging, sneezing, coughing or sharing eating facilities. It can, however, be passed through practices that have blood to blood contact including drug culture activities, body piercing with non-sterilized instruments and other activities that are more common to underdeveloped nations.

Can essential oils help?

User testimonials have reported that the use of our detox blend has greatly helped those affected with hepatitis. This blend  is cleansing at a very serious level and works directly on the liver.

Help to keep your liver healthy!

If you rub detox blend on the right hand side of your body, just below the rib cage, after you’ve eaten dinner,  this will help to cleanse the liver, specifically targeting toxins.

It also helps to release anything that is stored in your liver that doesn’t belong there – on an emotional level, this includes anger, rage, disappointment and sadness, which all live in the liver. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water to wash away the toxins from your body. You’ll find that sludge, mold, polymer toxins, rage, irritability all get washed away!

If, when following this regime, you experience mood swings, your body is asking for more water and you should cut back to using the detoxification blend every other day. Just 2-4 drops in a glass of water after dinner is enough to promote good liver health!

You’ll find that this also relieves any backache that precedes a kidney infection, and the detox blend helps to break down non-specific deposits of calcium, such as kidney stones or gall stones. This amazing blend goes into organs and identifies elements that don’t need to be there, helps to lift them off of the tissues, and flushes them away with water. (See how important water intake is?)

Detox blend alternative

Liver support blend for those with hepatitis:

  • Basil 4 drops
  • Myrrh 4 drops
  • Cypress 4 drops
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil 8 drops.

Gently blend and apply over liver and on the vita flex points for liver on the feet and hands. You can also put 2 drops in a capsule and take twice a day.


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