Your vacuum cleaner is a diffuser!

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diffuse doTERRA essential oils in your vacuum cleaner

Well … almost.

Here’s what I do. I lift of the lid of my vacuum cleaner where the filter is, and drop a couple of drops of essential oil in there.

  • vintage vacuum ad by Marxchivist at FlickrCleansing blend – if the house just needs  general air freshener
  • Peppermint – if everyone’s feeling lazy
  • Orange – for a great pick-me-up
  • Immunity blend – if anyone in the house is not feeling well

You may not experience the same health benefits that you do when you use a real diffuser, but your home will smell wonderful!


  1. angie russell says

    hi is was wondering if using essential oils in a vacuum is there a possibility of becoming flammable?

    • Hi Angie. Essential oils are flammable, and you should always keep them away from an open flame, or sparks. I don’t imagine that a vacuum cleaner would ever get hot enough to cause essential oil to ignite. I feel that with the amount of oil you are using – just a couple of drops – it would be safe to assume that they would not catch fire during regular vacuuming.

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