Stop the poison ivy itch!

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how to stop the poison ivy itch

Poison ivy is not something you want to mess with if you are susceptible to the itchy rash that occurs if you get the oil on your skin! I do have poison ivy in my front garden, and while I joke that it’s my deterrent for the neighbor kids, my kids and I don’t seem to be affected by it at all.

It was a story on the local news that prompted me to look up which oils would help if someone did happen to have an adverse reaction, and these are the suggestions I found from other users:

  1. For poison ivy or poison oak, apply Peppermint oil on location — neat, or dilute with a carrier oil such as Fractionated Coconut oil.
  2. Another woman told us of an experience she had applying cleansing oil blend to a poison ivy rash. Within seconds, the man could not believe the irritation was going away, and told her it was the most relief he had experienced to date.
  3. I use Lavender or Eucalyptus oil to sooth a poison ivy rash.
  4. I would use 15 drops of Peppermint oil in an ounce of Calamine Lotion. It should help the itching for about an hour. I would reapply frequently to help calm the itching.
  5.  I looked a reference book and found out the oil for poison ivy was Lavender. I put a drop on my hand and rubbed it on my poison ivy. Immediately the burning and itch went away. I applied it for about a week. the poison ivy never blistered up or itched.

So, there you have some ideas that you can use! Don’t forget to wash the clothes you were wearing when you touched the poison ivy – it’s the oil from the plant that makes you itch, and no doubt it’s on your clothes!

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