There IS an effective way to get rid of skin tags!

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no more skin tags when you use doTERRA essential oil

No, that’s not a skin tag, it’s a drop of sweat. I couldn’t find a pic of a skin tag that wasn’t too over-the-top … seriously, just go out there and look on Google, and you’ll see why I chose to post healthy skin!

What are skin tags?

An acrochordon – a skin tag – is essentially a small, benign tumor that forms most often where there is a skin crease, though they can also form on flat, smooth skin surfaces. They typically only grow as big as about a grain of rice, and can often be found on eyelids, the neck, under arms and in the groin area.

They are typically harmless and usually – depending on the site and the size of the tag – painless, though a good run over with a razor can cause some serious wincing! There are, of course, medical conditions that help the body to favor the production of skin tags – but in a healthy body, they are really just annoying and not so pleasing to the eye.

Can you get rid of skin tags?

treatment for skin tagsOf course you can. There are a lot of people who say they just suck it up and snip them off with nail clippers. Ouch! I’ve also heard of people who tie dental floss around them so they “die” and fall off. (Have you ever tried to tie string around a grain of rice?)

You could persuade your doctor to cauterize them, or cut them out, but I found those “cures” to be way too overstated.

Instead, I chose to use Oregano essential oil.

Oregano essential oil is very hot. It will burn your skin. Some people choose to use a carrier oil when they choose this method. I am in no way, shape or form a masochist, but I liked feeling the burn. It validated, for me, that the oil was working. And you only need a tiny bit of oil! In fact, if you stick a toothpick in the oil and apply it to the tag only – don’t get any on surrounding skin – you won’t feel any burning at all.

In my case, after a few days, the skin tag turned an icky gray color, then black, then dropped off. If I was worried about people seeing it, I could have covered it with a band-aid, but I just left it uncovered.

Since that first one, I’ve got rid of 3 more, and none have returned.

I would caution that I, personally, would not use any old Oregano essential oil. Only quality oil for me!


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