Is your dog as scared of storms as mine is?

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penny loves doTERRA

I know when there’s a storm coming. Every. Single. Time.

And I bet a lot of dog owners can say the same thing!

You can literally see the fear set in – her tail goes between her legs, the only place she wants to be is sitting right on my feet, her eyes can only be described as “puppy dog eyes” (head down, looking up), and I swear that if she could pout, she would!


We have a Thundershirt (which, incidentally, has a money back guarantee!) The Thundershirt seems to hug her, and that seems to help a bit, but it wasn’t until I watched this video of Cesar Milan (aka “The Dog Whisperer”) calming a scared dog using an essential oil blend, that I decided to try oils. See for yourself …

Calming essential oil blend

My calming blend contains a bunch of soothing oils: Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Sandalwood, Sweet Marjoram, Vanilla, and Ylang Ylang  – perfectly blended to assist with calming anxiety and promoting restfulness.

Not only for calming our furry friends, of course, this is also my blend of choice when I wake in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep, or when thoughts just race through my head preventing me from getting any rest at all (you know, this “mind chatter” that people talk about)! It is safe to apply neat, and you can use a carrier oil when you apply it to the bottoms of baby feet. This will help to induce a full night of rest for baby and mom. Just like those OTC sleep aids you see advertised on TV, but with zero negative side effects!

Give it a try for yourself or your pooch. I think you’ll like it!

Bonus tip: This calming blend also makes a great perfume :)

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