Remove the “sticky” with Lemon essential oil

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Use doTERRA Lemon essential oil to remove sticky residue

I wanted to call this “Quick and Dirty Tricks with Lemon Essential Oil” but it didn’t quite look right, and it’s really only one trick. Singular. Which also didn’t look right!

So, here’s the skinny.

You want to re-use your old jars, or your empty essential oil bottles, but they have labels on them. And when you wash the bottles and jars in hot water, there is always sticky residue left behind.

The answer is right there in your collection of essential oils. Put a drop, maybe 2, of Lemon essential oil on the sticky residue and rub with a cloth – it’ll come right off!

(Sneaky second trick: remove marker from plastic with Lemon essential oil too! It worked like a charm on a set of plastic drawers my daughter decided to “decorate” when she was younger. And this was a black marker that was really set in! It had been there for at least 6 years. Lemon took it right off!)


  1. tracy J weiser says

    Would this work on a painted service such as a car??

    • I don’t think that essential oils would damage the paint on metal. If it were me, I would try it on an inconspicuous spot of the paintwork first.

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