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Lavender essential oil

I suppose it’s only fitting to make my first post about Lavender, possibly one of the most fragrant and most well-known essential oils.

My love affair with this delicious aroma began when I was just entering my teen years, and I would visit my Aunt Helen in Devon. She wasn’t really my aunt but was related to my Uncle Bob.

Lavender was – and probably still is – so popular in the Devon/Cornwall area, and because Aunt Helen owned a farm, the flowers were plentiful. There are many more memories I could tell you about Devon, but I’ll refrain – at least for now …

Fast forward to today and Lavender is still one of my favorites – though far, far away from the seaside and the dunes of Devon, a whiff of lavender still takes me back to those childhood days!

Steam distilled from the flowers of the plant, Lavender oil is the Swiss Army knife of oils – one of those oils you always want to keep within arm’s reach. It soothes burns and bug bites, scrapes, and headaches! Its calming effect works not only to assist with a restful sleep but calms any trauma to the skin – rashes, cuts, acne, and dry skin, to name just a few. Lavender oil is nature’s antihistamine, try applying it over your sinuses to stop a runny nose.

Personally, while I was working with hot glass, Lavender saved me many times from nasty burns. It takes the sting out right away and minimizes scarring.

How to use Lavender

  • Diffuse this delightfully fragrant oil into the air at bedtime and you’ll soon be counting the Zs! Bonus benefit – it also repels insects such as mosquitoes.
  • Topically – gentle enough to apply undiluted! Apply to wounds, burns, blisters.
  • Massage into achy muscles.
  • And much more.

You may be interested to know that half of the best lavender in the world comes from high altitudes in France while the other half comes from the super high altitudes of Bulgaria.

Disclaimer: I may earn a small commission for any products or services purchased through my website. These commissions are not added to your cost for the product or service and help support my work in bringing you the best information possible about natural health and wellness.

Lavender image courtesy of Tammy Friesen (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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