24 signs that you might be into essential oils

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You might be into essential oils if …

  1. Your cleaning cupboard is less than 2′ square and contains no chemicals.
  2. Your “medicine cabinet” doesn’t need to be locked.
  3. You know that BBB stands for blood brain barrier.
  4. Your children are named Rosemary, Ginger, Melissa, and Basil (and possibly Frank)
  5. There’s Eucalyptus oil in your toothpaste and your washing detergent.
  6. You don’t even question it when someone suggests you put oil on the bottom of your feet.
  7. You use essential oils when you run out of cooking ingredients like ginger, lemongrass, and cilantro.
  8. You know your sesquiterpenes from your monoterpenes.
  9. When you feel tired, you reach for Peppermint oil instead of coffee.
  10. You know exactly why you “put the lime in the coconut”!
  11. Going to your happy place involves a bottle of Lavender essential oil.
  12. All your drinking water bottles are made of glass.
  13. You get rid of ant infestations with Peppermint oil.
  14. You dab Melissa on your lip at the first sign of a cold sore.
  15. Your nose stops running when you put Lavender on it.
  16. You carry a case full of samples everywhere you go – just in case.
  17. You know that guacamole isn’t guacamole unless it has a couple of drops of Lime oil in it.
  18. You know you don’t have to bother with expiration dates, “bad batches”, or recalls.
  19. Your “medication” is measured in drops, not milliliters.
  20. You know why the ORAC scale is important, and which oil ranks highest.
  21. You’re often seen with your hands cupped over your nose.
  22. Your friends can’t sneeze in front of you without you waving a bottle of respiratory blend under their nose.
  23. You have a wholesale account with your favorite oil distributor.
  24. You nodded your head to most of these statements.

What’s your favorite “living with essential oils” tip to share?

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