How to get an aphid-free garden without using pesticides

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Control aphids with Lemon essential oil from doTERRASpring has sprung, and everybody is itching to get out in the garden! 

It’s about that time of year when we start thinking of planning our gardens. With that planning, we should also consider the demise of garden pests – and aphids belong in the pest category.

What are aphids?

Aphids are soft-bodied insects. They use their piercing-sucking mouthparts to feed on plant sap, according to the description on the College of Agriculture, Food, and Environment site at the University of Kentucky. They are destructive, and they also secrete a sticky liquid in their wake. You really don’t want them in your garden.

How do I get rid of them?

Those pesky little bugs dine on your roses and other plants. You will see them gathering in green clumps on leaves and stems.  Lemon or Peppermint essential oil, mixed with water in a garden spray bottle is a natural pesticide. It will kill aphids and their larvae on contact, and leave your plants looking lovely.
If you have any concerns about using pesticides, know that essential oils are safe for the environment. They are also safe for any other animals that may be hanging around your garden!

Is there anything else I could use?

Ladybugs eat aphids! In fact, in its one-year lifespan, one ladybug can eat 5,000 aphids. But can you wait a year for a ladybug to rid you of the infestation?
Look at the article on diatomaceous earth, as this is also fatal to aphids, yet doesn’t bother the plant at all. Use an applicator to puff clouds of DE onto those little suckers and they’ll be gone in no time!
If you do harvest food that has aphids on it, you can wash them off in the kitchen sink. If the odd aphid does slip into your salad, it won’t cause you any harm :)
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