Oh no! Not the flu!

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Effective Aromatherapy Schnaubelt

I wrote this post when I had the flu in March of 2014, but it never made it live! The information is still relevant today, and definitely worth sharing. Enjoy …

I’ve been out of action for about a week because, well, I’m almost ashamed to say, I let myself get sick.

I tried to work through it, but my body just wouldn’t let me. I was working at my computer when I felt my eyelids become heavy, and my right arm felt like a lead weight. I took this as a cue that I should get myself to bed and stop trying to be a martyr.

It had started the previous Sunday with a sore throat. It was hard to talk and painful to swallow. I fell asleep on the couch and didn’t feel much better when I woke up during the night. I made it to work the following day as I was feeling better, and I thought that was the end of it.

Did I mention that I was drinking copious amounts of hot water, honey, and Cinnamon oil? Delish!

On Tuesday afternoon I could not stop sneezing. And they were violent sneezes! It felt like I was ripping a hole in the back of my throat every time I sneezed. Not nice. And the runny nose. Oh boy!

On Wednesday I was ready to take myself to the doctor. I am able to work from home, so I put in a morning’s work. It was as I was getting ready to head to the doctor that extreme tiredness and achiness hit. I decided to “lay down for an hour” then head to the doctor. I messaged my co-workers that I had finished for the day. I signed off, powered down the computer, and headed to bed. It was 12:45 pm.

I heard my daughters come in from school at 3:15 pm and gathered enough strength to text them. I let them know that they should wake me at 6 so I could take Paris to her trumpet lesson.

You may ask why I didn’t take care of this with my arsenal of essential oils? When I woke up that afternoon, I asked myself the same question. And I made up some capsules that would prove to be the turning point. You may know this as the flu bomb, or the chill pill, I call the recipe the Flu Buster.

I took 3 caps that evening (about 1 1/2 hours apart), and the next morning I felt like I had never been sick. The next morning I took another capsule, just to be safe.

flu buster essential oils recipe

How much do these flu buster capsules cost?

Total: .59c per capsule x 4 = $2.36.

I’d say that’s pretty cost effective! (and if I had have taken it when I first felt the symptoms, it wouldn’t have cost me half a day’s work! DOH!)

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