Can I get an essential oil guide?

While a definitive guide for essential oils would be a great idea, there are as many people publishing Essential Oil Guides as there are essential oils – if not, more! Here are a couple of guides that I consider reputable: AromaWeb … Continue reading

Are essential oils certified organic?

Essential oils are sourced from many different countries, and different countries have different standards for organic certification. It is not possible to apply a general organic certification standard across the board to all essential oils.

Could I get addicted to essential oils?

Though you may find your nose to the bottle a number of times a day, essential oils can help with various addictions, rather than create an addiction.

Could I be allergic to essential oils?

If you are allergic to the plant matter the oil is sourced from, there is a possibility you may be allergic to the oil. Many people, however, have found that they are not allergic to the plant component in essential … Continue reading

Do essential oils need to be diluted?

Most essential oils are fine to use neat. I would always, however, advocate for diluting oils when using them on babies or pets. There are some oils that are considered hot –  such as Cinnamon, Oregano, Cassia, Wintergreen – and they should be … Continue reading

Where do I apply essential oils?

The standard answer would be “wherever they are needed!”, but ultimately, when you put an essential oil on your skin, it is in your bloodstream within 20 seconds, and it’s traveling to wherever it’s needed. Put your oils as close … Continue reading

How do I use essential oils?

You can use oils topically by applying them directly to the skin. Aromatically, by using a diffuser, or simply sniffing the bottle. Internally, depending on the purity of the oils. Do not, of course, ingest oils that are labeled “Not safe for … Continue reading

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are volatile, aromatic compounds obtained from plant matter,  by steam distillation or cold pressing. The FDA states that an essential oil needs to only contain 10% actual essential oil to be labeled as essential oil. Obviously, the purer the oil, … Continue reading

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