Can I overdose on essential oils?

Anything is toxic if you take it in huge amounts, even water! The amount of an essential oil you would need to be considered toxic, is measured in liters. There are differing amounts for different oils. Essential oils are usually … Continue reading

Do essential oils need to be diluted?

Most essential oils are fine to use neat. I would always, however, advocate for diluting oils when using them on babies or pets. There are some oils that are considered hot –  such as Cinnamon, Oregano, Cassia, Wintergreen – and they should be … Continue reading

Is there anywhere I should not apply essential oils to?

Never put essential oils in your eyes or in your ear canals. The nose can also be a sensitive area – it is wise to dilute oils before using them in you nostrils.

Which oils are safe to use when breastfeeding?

You can safely use the following oils when nursing: Bergamot Clary Sage Grapefruit Geranium Lavender Lemon Melaleuca Patchouli Roman Chamomile Sandalwood Wild Orange Ylang Ylang *The use of Peppermint while breastfeeding can decrease milk supply. It can be used sparingly.

Can I use essential oils during pregnancy?

There are some oils which should be avoided during pregnancy: Basil Cassia Cinnamon bark Clary Sage Lemongrass Rosemary Thyme Vetiver Wintergreen White Fir

Are essential oils safe for children?

Essential oils are safe for use on children, however, they do require dilution. Babies and children love a good foot massage when you put the oils on the bottoms of their feet!

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