It’s just too expensive to use essential oils!

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If you’ve ever clicked through to a site that sells quality essential oils, and thought to yourself … these prices are crazy!, I urge you to think again.

Are quality essential oils expensive?

Yes. and no.

When I was first introduced to the company I buy my oils from, I looked at the prices, and I told myself I’ll sit through the presentation, but there’s no way I’m buying any of these oils. These prices are not in my budget! And then I saw the presentation. This video testimony by a mom who had used Frankincense oil to severely reduce the number of seizures her daughter suffered really moved me, and I knew that I needed to step up my game as far as my family’s health was concerned.

Compare the cost of Frankincense essential oil to the cost of anti-seizure medication, and – more importantly – the fact that this little girl is able to live her life as a normal child, instead of being bound by her medication. That’s priceless.

Half way through the presentation I had my form filled out and my check written to sign up for a wholesale account.

Consider the cost of, for instance, pink eye. Calculate:

  • The cost of the copay for the visit to the doctor
  • The cost of work time lost
  • The cost of the medication


This resource cites “A recent estimate of the annual financial cost of epilepsy in the United States came to $4 billion.”

So, yes, quality essential oils may look costly, but if you break them down to a cost per drop a, the price that you pay to achieve the results you want is much less than you would expect.

Why shouldn’t I just buy cheaper oils?

There are a number of reasons that you shouldn’t just buy essential oils without some research into the brand.

  1. Not all essential oils are pure, 100% essential oil.
  2. Cheaper essential oils take much longer to achieve the same effect as quality oils. Therefore, you may need to use up to ten times as much oil – increasing the cost tenfold.
  3. You just don’t know what’s in them.

You get what you pay for!

100Percent Pure essential oilsJust because the label says “100% Pure” doesn’t mean that it’s 100% pure essential oil. Did you know that synthetic “oils” can legally put “100% Pure” on their labels?

Why is this bad? In the case of a synthetic copy of an essential oil, the chemists duplicate the beneficial property of the oil, but in leaving out the other properties they are taking away the ability of the product to counter any side effects that would normally be controlled by the natural oil.

When you buy a cheap essential oil, you are not getting a bargain. You are getting a diluted product – obviously the less potent the product, the less effective it is.

How do I know an oil is right for me?

You may have read my post on muscle testing; however, if you purchase an oil for one specific purpose, you’re missing out on so much!

As an example, my favorite oil company has an introductory kit that has just three oils: Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint. There are more than 101 uses for those oils – either singly, or combined with each other. That’s right. ONE HUNDRED AND ONE uses!

So, the Lavender oil that you buy to lessen the effect of burns can also help you get a great night’s sleep, freshen the air, make your linens smell amazing, spruce up your wood floors, hide Fido’s doggy odor, help you get your summer feet back, and much, much more!

OK, you convinced me, where do I get them?

Message me. These products are not generally sold “off the shelf”, though there are some spas, salons, and health food stores that stock them.

  1. one drop of pure essential oil is a therapeutic dose for an adult  (back)

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