How to have a great camping experience – without the bugs.

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bug free camping with doTERRA essential oils

If, like me, your idea of camping includes room service and a hot shower, you will be glad to know that there are steps you can take to make your real, outdoor camping trip bug-free and more enjoyable.

Keep bugs at bay!

My company’s repellent blend is wonderful for keeping away most bugs, and is used neat, or can be easily mixed with the non-scented hand and body lotion for greater coverage. This blend is safe for the whole family, so if you have children going off to an outdoor camp, make sure they take a bottle with them!

One of the most successful ways I’ve found to use this blend is to put 10 drops or so in a glass spray bottle, and then top it up with water. Spray it into the air in the tent, and around the doorway, to discourage flying insects.

This is a proprietary blend, and is 10 times stronger than DEET, yet contains no DEET, so it’s absolutely safe! (DEET, on the other hand, comes with whole bunch of restrictions and warnings. I know what I’d rather use on my family!)

Got spiders around the tent? Put 16oz water in a spray bottle with a tablespoon of dish washing liquid. Add 6 drops of Melaleuca and you have a great spider deterrent! Spiders and ants also hate Peppermint!

If someone gets a bug bite:

If someone should happen to get bitten, a drop of Melaleuca or Lavender essential oil will help to stop the itch of bug bites!

If you’re in an area where dirt is a concern, our cleansing blend will ensure the area on the skin is clean and germ-free.

A wasp or bee sting can be soothed with Roman Chamomile essential oil, once the stinger has been removed.

I took my daughters to the drive-in movie theater last week, and it was a great experience, except for the fact that the whole area seemed to be enveloped in a fog of insect repellant spray – you know – the kind that sits in the back of your throat and chokes you? We were well-equipped with our repellant blend, which I think smells more like cocoa beans, and not one of us was bitten.

Thanks, essential oils!

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