Oh my aching feet!

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relief from aching feet with doTERRA essential oils

I’ve spent the past couple of days walking.

I mean walking.

I don’t think I’ve ever walked so far – and I’ve proved to myself that I’m no longer a walker. I’m sedentary, and perfectly happy with that!

My girls and I are on vacation but make no mistake, this is no sitting-around-the-pool-sipping-on-Margaritas type of vacation. So far, it’s been walking-with-the-tween-and-teen-for-hundreds-of-miles. It probably isn’t really hundreds of miles, but damn, it feels like it!

I only brought 2 pairs of shoes with me. The pair I’ve worn for the past two days is the same pair that I’ve worn every day since I started work in November 2012. They are Born Mary Janes, and if you’ve ever owned a pair of Born shoes, you’ll know the level of comfort of which I speak!

I think I killed them.

We’re in Chicago and have walked every square inch of Woodfield Mall, every nook and cranny of Ikea, every block of the Magnificent Mile AND Millenium Park, and both floors of the new outlet mall at Rosemont. And we’re not done yet.

I had to buy new shoes today, and I don’t like new shoes. I’m not going to like walking all day tomorrow in new shoes. But, this is all beside the point. If I had have had the forethought to bring a bowl with me, and some Epsom salts, I’d totally be soaking now …

Foot Bath For Tired Feet

Add all of the oils, along with a cup of Epsom salts, to 2 gallons of warm water and mix them in well. Soak the aches away!

The next time you anticipate having aching feet, make sure you are wearing good, supportive shoes, and it may also help if you stop and rest every now and again!

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