I love my citrus oils!

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oranges for citrus essential oils

There is not much that is fresher than the smell of a freshly peeled orange, or the lemon as you slice it to put in a cool summer drink, so is it any wonder that citrus oils are mood-lifting?

It’s fine just to put a drop on your wrists and wear it as a perfume, but if you want that wonderful aroma to permeate the air, why not diffuse them?

The best blend of citrus oils

My favorite blend to diffuse contains both Orange and Grapefruit, which are both natural anti-depressants; Lemon, for an energy boost; Mandarin which promotes a sense of happiness; and Spearmint uplifts mood. It’s a happy blend! How can you not smile at that?

(You can even use it in the office to keep those crabby people away – it really works!)

Where do citrus oils come from?

Citrus oils, contrary to what many believe, do not come from the flesh of the fruit. Have you ever bent an orange skin and watched the bubbles of liquid appear on the surface? Those droplets are the essential oils! The rind of the fruit is pressed to expel the oil, which is collected and bottled, ready for your use.

Calming energy?

You may notice that while most of the oils in this blend seem to have a calming effect, Lemon is in there for an energy boost – but let me explain. Most of these oils are adaptogenic, which means that they adapt to what your body needs. If you need to be uplifted, they will uplift you. If you need calm and peace, they will soothe you. (Kind of like the qualities you look for in the perfect man, right ladies?)

Try your own mix of citrus oils and see what you come up with. Whatever the mix, they’re good for your soul!

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