How to get rid of fruit flies

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Got fruit flies?

fruit fly image by furtwangl @ FlickrI try to post things as they happen, almost on a moment-by-moment basis, and sometimes it’s nn “OMG!” moment, and sometimes it’s a “why didn’t I think of that?” moment.

This is the latter.

I have fruit flies. I have fruit flies year round because we seem to pretty much live on fresh fruit – so fruit flies are like unwelcome permanent house guests.

BUT … I have the answer!

Today I took a glass spray bottle and filled it almost full with water, then added about 10 drops of a repellant blend containing a proprietary mix of catnip, amyris, sandalwood, balsam, and essential oils such as Orange, White Fir, Cedarwood, Citronella, and Eucalyptus. This is a known insect repellant blend that you would use on your body, so why wouldn’t it work for those pesky fruit flies?

I just wanted to report that IT WORKS!

And costs just pennies. I use just 10 drops per spray bottle (which lasts a while!), that’s 25 spray bottles full from a 50ml bottle!

I’ll still have my apple cider vinegar traps strategically placed around the kitchen, but I know count on this repellant blend to keep them away from the fruit in the first place!  Well played, essential oils … well played.

Beyond fruit flies

You can also use this repellant blend as a personal bug spray. You can mix it with lavender to help protect against the sun. And – get this – it makes an excellent polish for your wood furniture when mixed into fractionated coconut oil!

Fruit fly image by furtwangl @ Flickr (CC by 2.0)


  1. What did you spray it on? The counters?

    • Hi Stacy. I spray it on the counters, I wash the fruit in it, and just generally spray it in the air.

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